Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you’re planning to deep fry your turkey, here are some tips to keep yourself and your family safe!

1.       Keep the fryer more than 10 feet away from your house and other structures; never use a fryer inside a garage or on a wood deck.

2.       Make sure the fryer is on a level surface.

3.       Do not overfill the fryer with oil; overflowing oil may cause a fire or burns to skin.

4.       Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and dry; any excess water may cause the oil to bubble over, potentially causing a fire.

5.       Do not leave the fryer unattended.

6.       Keep children and pets away from the fryer.

7.       Continually monitor the temperature of the oil; if the oil gets too hot it could catch fire.

8.       Always use heat-protectant gloves when touching the fryer lid and handles.

9.       Have a fire extinguisher ready in case of any accidents; never use water to extinguish a grease fire. Call 911 if the fire increases.

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